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Find out more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Job Centre Australia provides culturally appropriate NDIS activities to provide Choice & Control to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who gain support funding under NDIS.

Over the last 4 years with strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consultation we have conducted joint research and developed training programs to educate staff, organisations, government bodies and our general community about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

This active engagement and development has seen strong success in placing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with a disability into employment across a wide range of industry sectors.

Last financial year (2013-2014) JCAL placed 53% of our Indigenous caseload into employment across the NSW and South East QLD areas. The reason for the success behind this is the cultural awareness training all staff undertake and the interactions within the communities that JCAL services. We have Pathway Development Coaches who assist you with pre-employment advice and support, then once in employment, our Pathway Training and Support Coaches assist with on the job support to ensure you are getting the right training and succeeding in your workplace.

Some of the supports available include.

  • Employment readiness training
  • Assistance with decision making, daily planning, budgeting
  • Life / Transition planning
  • Mentoring and Peer Support
  • Assessment to identify vocational potential and suitability
  • On the job training and support including employer advice
  • Open employment specialised job search assistance
  • Post school employment assistance
  • Post school employment assistance – group support
  • Workplace assessment
  • Assistance in Specialised supported employment Level 1 – 4 DMI
  • Transition from school to further education
  • General life skills development activities
  • Group social skills development
  • Group based community, social and recreational activities
  • Individual social skills development
  • Numeracy and literacy training
  • Financial management training
  • Psychology in a group
  • Public transport training and support
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Indigenous Advancement Strategy:

The Australian Government has introduced the Indigenous Advancement Strategy with the objective of achieving real results in the key priority areas of getting children to school, adults into work, and building safer communities.

Under this strategy, many individual programmes and activities have been streamlined into five broad programmes to make it easier for organisations delivering important services in communities.

The five programmes are:

  • Jobs, land and economy – getting adults into work, fostering Indigenous business and assisting Indigenous people to generate economic and social benefits from the effective use of their land;
  • Children and schooling – getting children to school, improving education outcomes and supporting families to give children a good start in life;
  • Safety and wellbeing – ensuring that Indigenous people are healthy and enjoy the emotional and social wellbeing experienced by other Australians;
  • Culture and capability – supporting Indigenous Australians to maintain their culture, participate in the economic and social life of the nation and ensure that organisations are capable of delivering quality services to their clients; and
  • Remote Australia strategies – addressing the social and economic disadvantage in remote Australia and supporting solutions based on community and government priorities.
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Indigenous Training and Employment Pathways

Cultural Awareness Training:

JCAL’s Cultural Awareness course allows for employers to understand a more complete picture of the situation in Indigenous Australia. There is greater scope for addressing some of the solutions to the problems faced by many Australian Indigenous peoples, and opportunities for participant’s questions and concerns to be addressed.

Throughout the day, participants are provided with the necessary background to develop skills to help them work more effectively across the cultural barrier. All Job Centre Australia staff and Board undertake this training and we have provided this training to other NGO’s.

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McDonalds / Job Centre Australia IAS Partnership

McDonalds and JCAL have developed a strong partnership in placing jobseekers with a disability into on-going employment. McDonalds and JCAL have partnered to gain funding under the Department of Prime Minster and Cabinet Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Program to increase employment participation for Indigenous Australians with a Disability throughout the McDonalds restaurants.

AEPP employee at work at McDonalds

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